We offer you:

  • new containers with the acceptance examination of the Transport Technical Inspection
  • regeneration and repair of used containers, we have a wide range of spare parts for containers
  • carrying out periodic tests of containers in accordance with the requirements of the Transport Technical Inspection.

The large container for the transport of IBCs in bulk, type ASP-800, type 11A / X / with the trade symbol ASP, is adapted in accordance with the ADR "European Agreement" for the transport, collection and storage of solid hazardous materials, groups I, II, III (according to ADR). it is made of steel sheets and profiles with strength parameters in accordance with ADR.

It has a tight lid with an oil-resistant gasket, closed with four bolt closures and supports that allow storage up to a height of max. 1 + 2 containers i.e. stacking.

The cover and the body are hot-dip galvanized, and the fasteners are galvanized. Attached to the body and the lid are elements that keep the lid in two positions: partially open, fully open, and springs to aid opening and prevent sudden closing.

Opening angle in the range of 70o - 270o. In the upper and lower part, the body has welded feet for stable positioning and stacking of the containers. The container is suitable for loading and transporting with various technical devices.