Burning and cutting metal sheets


We offer firing services for steel, aluminum, acid-resistant steel sheets of any shape up to 150mm thick steel sheets and up to 20mm aluminum and acid-proof steel sheets with an accuracy of 0.5mm. The maximum formats of sheets fired 1500x3000 mm.

We offer services of firing sheets with the 1500x3000mm format with oxygen-acetylene torch and plasma. Thickness of cut sheet 0.1 to 40 mm, acid-resistant sheets and aluminum steel sheets up to 150mm. The burner is computer controlled - CNC data from the AutoCad program. If the ordering party does not have an AutoCAD file, it is carried out by our engineers.


We offer sheet metal cutting services on CNC guillotines.

Range of materials:

  • max thickness of 10 mm (for steel sheets),
  • max width 3000 mm.